What makes us unique?

Christina Rizakos is an early childhood  educator by trade with over 22 year experience working in the field. 

She owned and operated a childcare center  for 15 years and recently sold and launched The Profitable Daycare Agency, where she  helps other childcare business owners with all things marketing!

Her experience, both as an educator  and as a business owner, gives her a slight edge over the competition. She knows first hand what it takes to operate a thriving childcare business and attract the right type of customer as well  as hire the right team. 

Her team of qualified website developers and SEO experts is led by Muhammad Usama who is a multitalented freelancer having over 4 years of experience in excellency. 

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About Usama

Muhammad Usama is a Multitalentend Freelancer and the host of Success Secrets show. Muhammad has hands-on experience in website development, Facebook Ads, Social Media Management, and Virtual Assistance while helping his clients to achieve their goals online and offline in custom tasks. 

Muhammad also manages CRMs, Website customer support, Linkedin account management, and much more…

He started his career as a freelancer on Fiverr in 2016 earned a very good repute as a freelancer because of his dedication and commitment to excellence.

At The Profitable Daycare Agency, our aim is to ensure our customer’s success through online marketing. Increasing your enrollment is our highest priority. Let our agency take tasks off your plate so that you can focus on what you do best, being the leader of your childcare business. 

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