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I graduated in early childhood education in 2001. I worked in a few daycare centers  and quickly discovered that I had a HUGE entrepreneur inside of me waiting to come out and change the world. I was tired of working for someone. I disliked the lack of freedom, the rules I had to abide by and most of the time my bosses!!!

At the age of 24 I quit my job and  ventured off into the business world.

I opened my daycare business in September 2004. All I had was a minimal line of credit from the bank, a dream to offer quality services to my clients and the determination to work for myself!


It wasn't smooth sailing, especially at the beginning,  but I was convinced to achieve my goal. I was a complete newbie to business. I was overhelmed and afraid that I wouldn't be able to do be successful. Throughout the years, I made so many mistakes . Some small and some huge! 

In my 15 years as a daycare business owner as well as over 20 years as a certified educator I have learned alot! 

I believe that owning a daycare business is one of the most fulfilling and funnest fields to be in! 

My mission is quite simple: I teach how to run and manage a successful and profitable daycare to new business owners. 

I'm so happy to have you here!

Christina Rizakos

Daycare Business Mentor and Strategist


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