Feeling stuck with your childcare business policies, procedures, and educational program?

Are you ready experience more

Time Freedom

No more wasting time trying to figure out what to write inside your handbooks.

Alignment and flow

Feel aligned with the educational program you develop.

Become a better CEO

Create a handbook for your staff that will solidify you as the authority in your center.


Childcare Business Online Academy

The only online program for new or struggling childcare business owners that teaches a simple process to create policies and procedures. Go from feeling overwhelmed to feeling confident and aligned.


What They’re Saying

‘‘I have been able to accomplish so much with your help and courses than ever before! The way you explain things is so easy to understand and then execute on our end! Thank so you much for all your enthusiasm!’’

Paulina C.
Owner of building blocks Academy

Great training. So informative. And she is always there to help and answer any questions you may have.” Darlene S.

Darlene S.
Soon to be childcare business owner

What To Expect

Childcare Business Online Academy is a go at your own pace program available wherever you have access to WIFI.
You get access to the program as well as all the updates for life!

Everything you need to know about

Childcare Business Online Academy

The Prep Phase

Learn how to mentally prepare for your new role as a business owner as you learn about all the steps you’ll need to take as you begin your journey. In particular the 4 L’s laws, legal, layout and location.


Policy Booklet

Learn all the topics and policies that need to be found inside the policy handbook to make sure your business runs smoothly. You’ll also have access to an example as well as a customization template to help you create your own policies following my 3 simple step process.


Educational Program

Feel aligned with your educational program as you develop policies and procedures that align with your philosophy on early childhood education. You’ll also have access to examples and templates to make this module as simple as possible.


Team Handbook

Learn how to not only support your team but lead and nourish your team culture. This handbook will also free up your time created procedures your staff can follow independently.



Access to an ever-growing resource vault filled with templates and tools that will help you as you operate your childcare business.


Why I'm So Passionate About Teaching You!

Hey! I’m Christina Rizakos. An ex-childcare business owner with over 23 years in the field, licensed educator, certified business coach, and homeschooling mama of 4.

I created policies and procedures in my childcare business that allowed me to free up my time, attract the right customers and hire my dream team and now I’m spilling the beans inside Childcare Business Online Academy.

This program is perfect for you if you’re a new, aspiring childcare business owner that doesn’t have a clue of the type of policies that are needed to operate a childcare business.

It’s also for you if you're a struggling childcare business owner that feels out of alignment with their business.

I believe that business owners value freedom of time and that's exactly what having the right systems in your business can do for you!

let me show you how.


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Helpful Information

How Long Do I Have Access ?

Once you sign up, you have access for life! And that's not the best part! You also get access to all the updates too.

Do you offer financial advice?

I teach you how to write your policy booklets in the academy. I do NOT cover financial planning.

Is there extra support?

You bet! You have access to a VIP community where you'll connect with other childcare business owners as well as yours truly!