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Learning how to automate your business as a childcare provider should be top priority.

As childcare business owner, trying to do “everything” in your business will guarantee you a burnout! 

In a study of providers in Maryland:

  • 37% of providers rated themselves as experiencing very high
  • 54.5% had effects on health behaviors
  • 51.7% enjoy their job less than the typical population
  • 35% report feeling bad physically
  • 33.6% experienced strong moods

Let’s define automation and how it relates to our industry

“the technique of making an apparatus, a process, or a system operate automatically”

In your case, you aren’t replacing staff educators with robots but automating things such as wait lists , tours,  growing your email list and your marketing strategies


  • You cannot do everything in your business
  • We are living in such an exciting time where we have access to so many software, services, apps that can make our life so much easier. 


Online marketing

All successful business owners leverage online marketing. You must have a presence online. The potential of reaching more of your ideal audience is so much greater because let’s face it, we are all on our smart phones.

The exciting part is that you can create a strategy that can be automated so that you don’t need to be consistently active in taking care of your marketing.

What’s an email list: 

An email list is one of your most prized possessions as a business owner. It’s a list of people that have willingly left their name, email and phone number in other words, they have raised their hand telling you that they are interested in staying connected with your childcare business.

 This can be staying connected through monthly updates, being alerted on your next open house or any other special event.

You email list is the lifeline of your business.  Having a Facebook page isn’t enough. If Facebook decides to go black you will lose all your contact information which is why it's so important as a business owner to have a website add a growing email list that you own.

How do I grow an email list

You grow your list by offering something valuable in exchange for a person's email address. This can be in a form of a newsletter, a free course, checklist, virtual tour… 

How do I set this up 

You must sign up for a CRM ( is a great free beginners service) which in most cases is configured with your web hosting provider . One way to encourage users to leave you their contact information is by adding a popup form on your website. You can also add pages such as sign up for our newsletter, contact us, place your child on our wait list ,take a peak inside the daycare.


How does this help me with my marketing?

Because as the list grows, you’ll have access to a pool of people that have raised her hand and said:” yes I'm interested in your service “


How can this be automated? 

Step 1:  is to have a pop form on your website that is going to encourage your viewer to give you their information in exchange of something valuable

Step 2: is to have a place where you store all these emails you received

Step 3:  have a clear strategy on the journey you want to take your customer on for example sending an email sequence over the next 5 days that will encourage them to book a tour in your childcare center 

As viewers land on your website some may be ready to book a tour others may want to snoop your business for a while and stay in contact and others may want to place their child immediately on the wait list .

The interesting part is that you can automate and tag  different parts of your list for example: you can have a book a tour page on your website or send them immediately on your wait list if that’s what they are looking to do.

Once you set this up the first time you no longer need to worry about collecting emails because everything will be done off of your website automatically

I have created a FREE email list automation cheat sheet to help you get started, 

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