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marketing Mar 25, 2020

How to get started with Facebook ads as a childcare business owner.

If you're not already investing in Facebook ads you are leaving a lot of money on the table .

Your job as the business owner is to make sure you are consistently placing your business in front of your ideal customers.

Simply placing ads in your local paper won't cut it for many reasons but the most important one is that business and marketing has changed, and most people are on their mobile devices pretty much all day long.

Statistics show us that moms with preschool aged children are on social media much more than any other age group. In fact, as their kids get older, the time they scroll on social decreases.

As childcare business owners get older, our customers are getting younger and we MUST be pivoting in a new direction in order to find them.

Here are a few facts I'd love to share with you about online marketing and the power of Facebook ads.

General Facebook stats

Facebook remains the most popular social network among U.S marketers, with Instagram coming in second at 75.3%.

Why aren't most childcare business owners investing in FB ads?

Fear of the unknown, not understanding how to leverage ads and fear of spending money without a return keeps business owners from investing in their online marketing.

What if you want to start with Facebook ads but can't do it alone?

These days you can outsource your online marketing to agencies that do just that! They offer done for you services and trainings on Facebook ads. Clic here for a free consultation.

My best advice:

There are a few things you need to have in place before you spend a penny on Facebook apps

  1. Having a clear marketing strategy, what are you trying to accomplish with your ad? Target? Messaging? Budget? Journey? Emails
  2. Systems FB business page set up properly, website, landing pages, CRM, Facebook groups, lead magnets
  3. Tactics. Setting up your campaign, adding your copy and image or video inside your Facebook ads manager. You can start with engagment campains and then move on to a conversion.

My question to you is: " have you invested in Facebooks ads? If you answered no , share why in the comments below.



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