How to handle complaints in your daycare/childcare center.


As childcare business owners, there will come a time where a customer will need to voice their dissatisfaction. When that time comes, it’s important to make sure your complaint policy and procedures are followed to ensure that the situation is handled with professionalism.

A quick note before we proceed, It's CRUCIAL to always check with your state laws to make sure you are working within your legal rights.

What is the purpose of the complaint policy?

Here is how a clear and detailed policy will benefit your business:

  1. It gives your customer a chance to be heard.
  2. Your customers will understand the procedures they must follow to form their complaint
  3. It will allow your customers to understand the steps management will take to handle the complaint.
  4. Your customers will know that your business is committed  to continuous improvement
  5. The policy will improve the flow of your business. (everyone will be on the same page)


Anatomy of a complaint procedure

Detail your steps and procedures.

Step 1: Who can make a complaint, is it anyone dropping off the child or solely the caretakers?

Step 2: How is complaint accepted?paper, email, verbal

Step 3: Which staff member is allowed to receive the complaint, if management is not present

Step 4: Treatment of the complaint. How will you proceed. Set a time limit that the customer should expect to hear something by. 

Step 5. Discuss with your customer steps you have taken to solve the problem

Step 6. Stick to your promises

Step 7.Follow up a few weeks later


Key points

  • When handling complaints , I teach my students to act quickly in order to prevent things from escalating.
  • Be diplomatic and get both sides of the story as well as all the facts.
  • Always write everything down and keep in your complaints file
  • Make sure your staff are trained to follow your procedure when handling complaints and that they have the power to resolve issues as quickly as possible.


No business owner enjoys receiving a complaint. Chances are if systems are in place, this can be an opportunity for yourself to grow as a leader, your customer to feel heard and for your business to continue to grow.


Do you have a complaint policy? Do you find that it helps? Comment below.



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