Mindset behind creating a detailed job description for your childcare business.

hiring job description Feb 20, 2020


It's time to hire staff for your childcare business. You create a Facebook ad campaign. Resumes start coming in, interviews are underway, and you start rejoicing only to find out that the employees you’re interviewing are anything but a good fit for your childcare business.

What happened? What did you miss? You start telling yourself that it’s hopeless! And eventually hire out of desperation.


Time to look at this with a different perspective! As a business owner and someone that is committed to operating a child care business that they absolutely love , you need to figure out what went wrong in your strategy so you can correct it.

Let's start at the beginning! You followed your  a hiring procedure , and created a  FB ad. Once your ad has been clicked on, it should bring the potential candidate to a landing page with a detailed job description.

One of the things  that might be attracting the wrong candidates is your job description. Think of your ideal employee reading the job description you wrote. How does it make them feel?

How can you make sure their response is : YES! This is the job for me!

I am going to teach you, going forward, how to write an amazing job description so that you never feel stuck with employees or job interviews that lead nowhere fast 

Let's dive into the mindset you need to have when you are in the hiring phase of your business.

The question here is: “ how am I going to find my ideal candidate, place my ad or my business in front of them and encourage them to apply for this position”.

That is the mindset I want you to have instead of  hiring anyone that can do the job as soon as possible for as cheap as possible 

A few things to be clear on before you write your job description:

  1.       Know what your business’ needs are
  2.       Knowing your ideal employee avatar

You need to know exactly who you are looking for in order to know where to find them .Before writing a job description , I invite you to sit down with a piece of paper and create your ideal employee avatar.

What do they look like?

How many years’ experience do they have in the field?

What is their personal philosophy on early childhood education?

What do they look for in a job?

Do they have a sense of humor?

Do they value music, sports, science, language, arts…...?

Where do they live?

What types of books do they read?

What types of websites do they visit?

What is their ideal work environment?

After that I want you to get into the nitty gritty with all the paperwork diplomas, certifications and everything you are requesting for your ideal candidate to possess.

Followed by what types of qualities and skills  necessary to fill this position. Detail this as much as possible.

Roles and responsibilities that come with the job and joining your team, detail this in order of importance.

Then state the salary, benefits, bonus, workshops or training included or anything else that may give them incentive to apply.

Lastly, give clear instructions on how they can apply.

NEXT: Put it all together, here's a template of  checklist you can have access to by clicking below

Childcare Job Description Sample Template

In conclusion, the more details you can give when creating a job description, the better it is. You will attract the right staff to you and repel the ones that don't fit your tribe.

Christina Rizakos

Childcare Business Coach 







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