WHY your daycare center needs to publish a newsletter.


Chances are you’ve noticed that your clients are busy.

Keeping them engaged and informed  is one of the best things you can do for your daycare center but how when you feel as though they’re rushing in and out?

By offering valuable information to your customers monthly, you can encourage parent participation, increase the trust factor  and grow your wait list.

Offering a newsletter is a great way to help your customers stay informed. And the best part is, you can either send it my email or hand it out the good ol’ fashion way.

No matter how busy a parent is, they most probably check their email at least once a day so why not stand out from other centers and offer this to all your customers.


How does one get signed up for a newsletter:


You can ask for everyone's email at registration and add them manually on your email list


Have a signup form on your site


How often should I send out a newsletter?


That is totally up to you...

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Do not panick every time your daycare staff needs a day off!


As your center begins to grow and you start hiring staff, you’ll need, as a business owner,a clear and detail procedure when it comes to staff requesting days off.  


I teach my students to always have something in writing. Stay away from texts, emails or post its requesting time off.


ENTER the request for a personal day form.


Why this form is important?


  • It's more professional
  • It helps you stay organized with staff schedules
  • It will help you stay up to date with paid -non paid absences


Template of a Personal day request form


  • Business logo and info
  • Date filled out
  • Employees name
  • Date of the requested day off
  • Reason for the request
  • Section reserved only for management: ( approval, payable or not, signature, date)


Always check with your states labour standards and laws

Steps and procedures


  1. Clarify in your staff policy booklet how an employee can request a day off.
  2. Where can they find the forms? Is it in their...
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How to free up your time as a daycare/childcare center owner.


Follow these steps if you want to free up your time as a daycare center business owner/director.

Video takeaways

As a childcare business owner there will come a time where you will need to come to terms with the fact that you can not do EVERYTHING in your business.


There are non-negotiables that you should be focusing on everyday and there are tasks that can and should be passed on to someone else.


This week’s video focuses on which tasks should be automated and delegated.

Business owner tasks:

Your main focus should be on tasks that move your business forward.

Such as:


  • Hiring staff that are on board with your vision and that fit your team culture
  • Setting up systems that make operations flow with ease. These systems include all policy booklets, forms, setting up accounting software and anything else that deals with day to day operations.
  • Making sure you are investing in professional growth for yourself and your staff
  • Being a visionary, trying new...
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How to handle complaints in your daycare/childcare center.

Uncategorized May 02, 2019

One of the very first things a daycare business owners needs to create is a  policies-procedures handbook for their new Childcare centres.


I want to point out that it's CRUCIAL to always check with your state laws before proceeding with your rules-policies handbook.


The purpose of this handbook is to make sure that everyone that steps foot in your center, knows exactly what's acceptable and not acceptable.


I wanted to focus on a a type of procedure that you must have in place to make sure your center flows smoothly and that your business is protected.


It’s the complaint procedure.


The last thing any business needs especially for home daycare is a client's in-satisfaction or concerns handled in an inappropriate way. This section needs to be clear and detailed.

The purpose? It helps by:


  • Explaining how customers can make a formal complaint
  • Identifying the steps you will take in discussing, addressing and resolving complaints
  • ...
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What to do when you’re struggling with your daycare registrations.


How to make sure you never have empty spots at your center.

 Whether your center just opened up or maybe it’s been around for a while,

we all struggle with registrations at some point in our business. It can stressful and leave you feeling helpless.

How to increase your daycare business

Here are a few home daycare guidelines that you can put in place to make sure your center in at full capacity.


Tip # 1: If your center is just about to open for business and not all spots are filled, make sure you create hype around the opening. Fancy signs with balloons are great but can only reach so many people. Have a simple website up and running . Include your centers logo, info, contact form, a few pictures of the center and a pop up  form to be added to your wait list/newsletter. Make sure you optimize the site (SEO) so that in comes up in local searches.


Tip #2: Create a FB business page,  add all your friends and encourage them to share with their...

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Start the right type of childcare business that best fits your personality.


Not all types of childcare businesses are the same. In fact, they are quite different.


If you’re reading this you’re probably thinking about starting your own childcare center and that it fantastic! As you research, you begin to learn that there are a few different types of childcare centers and now, you`re feeling confused….


No worries, this will help you figure which type of daycare (childcare) center aligns with your vision.


  1. Daycare/childcare center:

This is the most commercial approach. It's when a  group of children are cared for in a commercial facility. You rent a space and start a daycare business.




  • Possibility to rent space close to schools, universities and workplaces
  • Organized schedule and activities
  • You lead a team
  • Kids are separated in classrooms by age groups
  • Wider rage of clients: birth-5 years of age
  • You can scale and grow this type of business
  • A lot of opportunity to expand
  • Open usually from 7-6...
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How to hire like a boss even though you're a newbie business owner.


Hiring staff can be very stressful, especially to  a new business owner. Adding new members to your team is a very big deal because of your special clientele. Your focus should be on adding quality educators that are a reflection of you and your daycare's culture. 

Some key points to remember


  1. Craft  a vision of your daycare's philosophy and the type of staff member that best fits that vision.
  2. Write out a full and honest job description
  3. Get organized with your interviews, appointments and questions. 
  4.  Get clear on your hiring process and set a trial period.

To help you I've created a free guide that will walk you through these steps. 

Click here to get access to your free copy. 

Happy reading!


I will be here cheering you on

Christina Rizakos

Daycare business mentor and strategist


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