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Learning how to automate your business as a childcare provider should be top priority.

As childcare business owner, trying to do “everything” in your business will guarantee you a burnout! 

In a study of providers in Maryland:

  • 37% of providers rated themselves as experiencing very high
  • 54.5% had effects on health behaviors
  • 51.7% enjoy their job less than the typical population
  • 35% report feeling bad physically
  • 33.6% experienced strong moods

Let’s define automation and how it relates to our industry

“the technique of making an apparatus, a process, or a system operate automatically”

In your case, you aren’t replacing staff educators with robots but automating things such as wait lists , tours,  growing your email list and your marketing strategies


  • You cannot do everything in your business
  • We are living in such an exciting time where we have access to so many software, services, apps that can make our life so much easier. 


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Automations in childcare. How to free up your time.


Make sure you’re running your daycare center business effectively.

 Are you new to the child care business world  and does this sound like your life?

  • Stressed out
  • Overwhelmed
  • Not sleeping much
  • Eating junk
  • Taking work home with you
  • Working on the weekends


Is your business feeling more like a job and you don’t know how to get out of this cycle?


GOOD NEWS! I am here to help!


As a childcare business owner there will come a time where you will need to come to terms with the fact that you can not do EVERYTHING in your business. 


There are non-negotiables that you should be focusing on everyday and there are tasks that can and should be passed on to someone else. Learning how to delegate work, outsourcing childcare business tasks are all a part of your responsibilities as the business owner. 


This week’s video focuses on which tasks should be automated, outsourced  and delegated in your daycare. 


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