Having a morning routine can help you become more focused and successful as a childcare business owner.


Do you have a morning routine in place? 

As childcare business owners, we get so busy running the business and leading our team that we almost forget to take care of ourselves.

We all want increased registrations and quality customers but all that means absolutely nothing if as leaders we aren’t performing at our best. 

Today I want to challenge you to think about carving out some CEO or ME  time for yourself .

I started doing this about a year ago .Honestly I never thought that I would be that type of person to carve out time every single day to take care of myself but when I saw the difference in how I felt , how I showed up as a mom,  wife and business owner I knew that I was on the right path

It's a great way to give yourself a few moments of silence to reflect on the week passed or the week coming up ahead. It gets your mind in the right place and gives you control over your day’s intention. 

The good news is that this looks different for...

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