5 ways you can share engaging posts on Facebook to keep your childcare center’s viewers and followers engaged with your business

facebook ads marketing Feb 26, 2020

Increase your childcare business engagement

Why is engagement important on Facebook?

Why should you always try to engage your audience?

Let's begin with why we need to have engagement posts on Facebook in the first place.

Mark Zuckerberg himself has said time and time again that Facebook prioritizes engagement posts.  Facebook wants people, fans, friends and family members to be engaging with one another.

I’ll be sharing some ways you can create buzz around your childcare business by offering value, increasing engagement and making sure you have a strong following before placing ads to convert your followers into customers.


TIP: Engagement first then conversion

When trying Facebook ads for the first time it's very important to know what type of content your fans and followers want to see. People are on Facebook to be entertained, to be inspired or to learn something new. They don't want to be sold to immediately as soon as they click on something you put out. By...

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Can social media hurt your daycare center?


The pros and cons of social media and your childcare center.

How do you make sure you leverage social media to your advantage?

Here are a few pros and cons.


1. Facebook ads: detailed targeted ads that can cost as low as 1 $ per day. Filling up your spots or hiring an employee can be totally automated.

2. Secret facebook groups can update your existing customers on activities and daycare events.


1. It can get very uncomfortable if customers start  friend requesting your staff or yourself. 

2. Social media posts stay on the web forever.

3. Lack of privacy and things taken out of context.

What can help?

Creating clear social media policies for the clients as well as staff can help.

Does your center have clear social media policies?

If so, share with us below!



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