Use Facebook to grow your childcare business.


Why social media is your best bet when it comes to marketing your childcare center

With 55 billion dollars generated in 2018 from advertisement, the days of paper print are over!

There is no doubt that social media can be a powerful tool when it comes to getting your child care center  known in your community if you use it to your advantage.

In fact, 74% of people log in to scroll their FB account about 8 times daily.

Unfortunately, if used incorrectly, social media can give your business a bad reputation which is childcare is not what you want. 

How can you use social media platform to offer value and show your community how your center is different?


  1. Set up a business page for your business. Running a business off  your personal page is against Facebook policy.
  2. Add value weekly: share articles of interest, local events, give shout outs to local businesses, share recipes, special events happening in your childcare center and anything else that can add value to your...
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Increase registrations as well as your childcare center's quality by adding these 3 strategies in 2020.


When operating a childcare business, as the business owner, the quality of your service must be your top priority. Quality goes down, so do registrations. It’s that simple. 

Going forward in 2020 I thought I'd start the new year by sharing 3 strategies to implement in your childcare business this year that will boost the quality of service. Whether you are operating a childcare center, home daycare or preschool you can definitely implement these strategies.

Allow me to emphasize that you may be already doing one of the three but please read on as there is always room for improvement.

Strategy #1

Start a Facebook group for childcare center's parents: you can set up a private page for your customers where you can engage with them. It’s a great way to allow your customers the chance to get to know each other as well as get to know you. Linking this directly from your business page is ideal. It's also easier for your customers to request to join. This can be done by...

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