3 reasons you may be struggling with daycare enrollments

I know firsthand what it feels like when you’ve poured your energy into starting a child care business, and you think that as soon as you open your doors magically your spots will be filled up and every single month is going to be amazing…

Then, reality sets in, and you figure out that going into business for yourself is difficult. There are moments where you are so on top of the world. thinking that you've made the best decision for your life and other moments where things aren't working as you want them to and you feel as though you have made the worst decision. If you're feeling like that right now just know that it's normal.

I'm going to share with you three things that may be causing you to struggle for enrollments.

The problem with alow enrollments most of the time is Lack Of Eyeballs

Get found locally

The most probable reason why you may be struggling is that let's face it no one knows you exist. Only because you put a sign up that says “enrollments open” doesn’t it mean that people are aware. These days, people are busy with work and their lives. Don’t expect them to know you’re running a business. It’s NOT their job to notice every business on the street but it is YOUR job as the business owner to strategically place your childcare business in front of their eyeballs.

How do you do that locally?

Start by doing an audit of your physical space. Is your sign visible? Is there a number or website easy to remember?

Does your physical space look clean and pleasing to the eyes?

( no one’s gonna trust you with their child if your home daycare looks like you haven’t cut the grass in the last 6 months or if your trash is thrown all over the front lawn)

Next, make sure your website is optimized with keywords that your ideal customer is actively searching when doing a local search on google for childcare. Think of the exact terms someone may be typing up as they search for instance “ daycares close to….” or “ bilingual preschool in downtown Montreal”.

Lastly, visit other small business owners ( that serve the same customer base as you) in your town and exchange business cards, and try to support each other by referrals. This has worked really great for me in the past and I’m sure it can do the same for you.

Online presence

Invest in ads. Millions of people are on Facebook, logging in throughout the day numerous times. I find this is the best way and the fastest way to gain visibility for your child care business. You can grow an email list real quick by directing traffic to your website. Using Facebook ads allows you to target your ideal customers.

Facebook Business page: Post valuable information that will attract your ideal customer to click and take action on your post. People need to trust and like you before going business with you so make sure you’re showing up as yourself at least 5 times weekly.

Start an email list. Your biggest asset in business is a list of potential customers that have raised up their hand and asked to be notified by email. Use this to your advantage by connecting with your email list weekly. Just think, with a click of a button you can alert your list of an open house, updates, and anything exciting you have going on in your childcare business.

Broken Systems

As a business owner showing up with confidence and posture is everything! You have to assume that every person that signs up at your program has made the BEST decision for their child. Looking at your systems, where do you see most people fall off? If you figure out that then you can change it. For example, if you’re getting 5 booked tours a month but no one signs up after they visited then you have to fix your tour procedure. If the phone isn’t running then you have an “ eyeball “ problem.

If clients keep canceling their contracts then you have a quality problem.

There you have it, 3 reasons you’re struggling with enrollment. It’s important NOT to be hard on yourself but take this opportunity to fix the strategy that isn’t helping your business grow.

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Be well and keep dreaming!

Founder of Elevated Childcare CEO

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