3 Sure Signs You Need A Marketing Strategy For Your Childcare Business

Mirror mirror on the wall, why can’t I fill up my childcare program? Honestly, your superpower is leading your team and working with young children and not worrying about your business but here’s the deal friend, you can not leave it up to chance because at the end of the day no enrolments equal no business.

So how do you know you need a marketing strategy? I’ll share 3 sure signs you need help so buckle up and let’s do this!

Sign #1: No email

If you’ve never heard of an email list then you my friend you are in trouble. An email list is of data you own. It’s a pool of customers that decided to give you their name and email address in exchange for something valuable, for example, your newsletter, an early invite for your next open house… As a business owner, this list is an asset in your business. Imagine with a click of a button, sending out an invite to hundreds of potential customers waiting to hear from you! The good news is starting an email list is free but it does require consistent work through your social media posts and advertisement. You can sign up for a FREE account on mailchimp.com and integrate it with your website.

Sign #2: No Website

As a business owner, you need a place on the world wide web. Your website is like the storefront of your childcare business. With more and more of your potential customers on their mobile devices, it’s very important that not only you have a website but that’s mobile-friendly. Your childcare business’s website is where you’ll direct your traffic to and have your potential customer take a specific action. The information and copy on your website are also important. You want to make sure you’re giving a snapshot of your policies, curriculum, and services. Clarity and simplicity are your best friends.

Sign #3: No Systems

If you don't have systems in place that are consistently growing your email list and exposing your child care business to a brand new audience every single week then you my friend are doing your awesome business a disservice. Technology allows us to do so many exciting things as business owners and even though tech may scare a lot of people there's nothing that can’t be taught by Googling or searching on YouTube. Having a strategy in place ( organic and paid) that is consistently working, kind of like an engine, is not only going to grow your following as well as your email list but it's also going to expose new people that may have never heard of your childcare business. Today, you can:

  • Automate your social media posts through Facebook publishing tools

  • Create campaigns that are bringing in new leads daily using FB ads

  • Automate an onboarding sequence of emails to new subscribers

  • Program your newsletter weeks in advance

There you have it. No website, no systems, and no email list is a recipe for a disaster but there hope my friend! I work one on one with 5 clients monthly helping them develop customized systems and methods to boost enrolments and put their childcare business on the map.

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Be well


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