3 ways to increase the quality of your childcare center.

How would you rate your center's quality? Sometimes by adding something new to your day-to-day operations can give a boost to your customer's and staff's experience. And we all know, happy staff and happy clients are everything when operating a childcare center. here are 3 things you can implement in your business today that can have a positive impact on your business.

Small community: create a private members-only group for your paying customers. This fosters a sense of community, encourages communicating, networking and allows the clients to know you better. A few tips: keep it professional but fun. Have theme days, encourage parents to engage, go live with fun events and share valuable articles.

Nurture your email list with a weekly newsletter: As a business owner, growing an email list should be a top priority. With that being said, creating a weekly newsletter is a great way to stay in contact with existing and potential clients. Newsletters can be created using free tools such as canva.com and can be emailed to all your list or a part of your list with a click of a button. Pretty cool right?

Staff binders: Once I implemented this strategy in my childcare business, I saw great results and felt so much closer to my staff. Instead of saving my talking points at their performance reviews once a year I bought a binder for every educator. I would go in their class for 5 min for a quick check-in and see how their week was going. Sometimes they needed material, other times they had questions. I found it much more personal than waiting for yearly reviews. ( which we still had but this was an added bonus)

Overall if you approach your business with the intention of adding value and making sure that quality is maintained for clients as well as staff, then everyone is better off for it.

How do you make sure you are consistently adding value to your business? Let me know below!

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