5 APPS or websites that can help you create awesome images and videos for your Facebook ads

The creative part behind Facebook ads can be a bit daunting especially if you find yourself spending hours on end trying to figure out how to add text or how to create eye catching videos that will engage your ideal customer.

Today I hope to take some of that overwhelm away from you by sharing 5 apps or websites worth knowing when you are venturing off and creating ads for your childcare business.

When it comes to Facebook ads there's one thing that you need to know: it's all about testing

Unfortunately there is no magic pill when it comes to knowing the exact color or image your audience will connect with as soon as they see it. You have the chance to test different things in your ads manager. This blog is going to focus on images and videos.

Here are my 5 go-to's when creating Facebook ads.


This website is free to sign up and offers amazing graphics and templates for all aspects of your business such as calendars, business cards,logo creation, booklet templates... you name it Canva's got it. What's great about this website though is that they have a lot of templates under the "Facebook ads" category. This is valuable because they are sized properly and all you need to do is add your images to make them fit your brand.

You can opt to go in for a free version and just add your own copy and image you can download an eye catching image that is high-definition for under $2 and you can use that same ad over and over and over

Here are some examples of some ads I have created using canva.com


Another free website filled with templates and images. I should mention though that I find using Picmonkey.com is much harder to use than canva.com so if you are a beginner stick to Canva.

MoShow APP

This app I absolutely love using when creating Facebook ads. It's easy to use, fresh and the music is very engaging. You can upload videos or your own pictures add text and the app creates a short 15 second promo video you can use in your Facebook ads.


This website offers many free high definition images you can use when creating your ads. They also offer short videos you can download as well. These are great if you are placing a video ad with some text.


Another simple video ads maker is promo.com you can try it for free. It creates short video ads that will wow your audience

Remember that with Facebook ads it's all about testing and tweaking until you find what works best for your audience.

Always remember the marketing about connecting your message to the right audience.

I teach Facebook ads in more detail inside Elevated Childcare CEO my membership. It's filled with value and training that will help you operate a thriving childcare business.

All my best

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