5 engaging social media posts for your childcare business.

Gone are the days of the teeny tiny classified ad.

Social media has changed the way we market our businesses. In the good old days, I remember investing $ 200 on a teeny tiny classified ad in the local paper. Times have changed! Understanding how to leverage social media and your posts in order to attract and engage your ideal customers is extremely important.

I’ll be sharing 5 ways you can create buzz around your childcare business by offering value, increasing engagement, and making sure you have a strong following before placing ads to convert your followers into customers.

TIP: Engagement first then conversion

When trying Facebook ads for the first time it's very important to know what type of content your fans and followers want to see. People are on Facebook to be entertained, to be inspired, or to learn something new. They don't want to be sold to immediately as soon as they click on something you put out. By creating an engagement post first, you are warming them up, adding some value to their life and creating a journey that you are going to take them on before placing a conversion add in their news feed asking them to visit your center and eventually signing up their child in your program .

When someone engages with a post you've made on social media that means they either commented liked it or shared it. Facebook sees that and pushes your information and page out to more people like those that have been engaging on your site.

Facebook wants to know that you are offering value to your followers and in return, they're engaging with the content that you're putting out there. This is called social proof!

Social media engagement measures the commitment that your users show to your brand. (business)

By liking, commenting, and sharing your posts your followers are telling Facebook that what you're putting out there is valuable.

This should matter to ALL business owners.

Having a clear marketing strategy allows you to build trust with your followers.

You need to be marketing your center every single month.

Customers need to know your childcare business exists.

So, what type of posts should you be creating?

I want to share with you 5 simple ways you can engage your customers that will not be time consuming to be put together.


Teach, entertain, inform, or inspire

Your Facebook audience is not looking for nor will they engage with a sales pitch.

They want to engage with content that will make them smile, make them think, or improve their lives in some way.


People love to add their 2 cents! They just do. Try creating an engagement post that will involve your audience.

What time is bedtime at hour house?

“Caption this “

Fill in the blank

3. Use (great) images

Facebook posts that include a photo see higher-than-average engagement rates. Keep it simple and use your smart phone.

If you don’t have access to great images, try this website: www.pexels.com or www.canva.com

4. Use Facebook Stories

This is a great way to get eyeballs on your page because like IF stories, FB stories are placed right at the tops of the screen.

It’s a great way to informally connect, share updates and let your audience know you without over-posting on their news feed.

5.Create a video or go live

Video posts get higher engagements picture posts, 6 more times to be exact!

Make sure you are recording on a vertical. Make sure you are facing window. Have an outline ready for your video or live.


1.“About me video” ( who you are and why you decided to open a childcare business

2.“The educational program” ( share information about your programs mission and values

Get creative! Going live is a great way to educate your public as well

For example:

“5 ways to potty train a toddler quicker” or “ How to reduce the first-day daycare jitters in your preschooler”

Having a clear marketing strategy when investing in FB ads will prevent you from overspending money without getting any return. Childcare business owners need to stay ahead of the game to make sure they are connecting the right message to the right audience daily.

I dive into this much more inside my membership site where I personally coach new and struggling childcare business owners.

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