5 mental roadblocks preventing you from starting your childcare business

I really want to start my own childcare business but...

We are getting real today about all the mental roadblocks keeping you from starting your childcare business. What if I told you that 80% of being a business owner is all about having the right mindset? I will share 5 mental roadblocks that are probably stopping you from your startup as well as how to overcome them so that you can finally open and operate your dream business.

  1. Lack of experience: Let me ask you a question: How will you gain experience if you don't take the very first step? You won't. Things don't need to be perfect at the startup phase. Give yourself some grace and get out of your way. Baby steps every day can help propel you in the right direction. I had no experience when I started my childcare center. What I had though was the will to figure things out. That's what you must focus on.

  2. Lack of money: This is a HUGE roadblock for many.... my best advice is if your startup is going to take food off your table then you have to wait. If not, you can start small with a home daycare and expand from there. A financial advisor can definitely put things in perspective for you. Don't be afraid to ask for help. I started my business with a business partner. We both had 50% ownership of all the expenses. It definitely made things easier.

  3. No market: This is a scarcity mindset that can definitely kill your business even before it gets off the ground. As a business owner, there are steps you'll need to take such as market research to make sure you're offering a service in a area that actually needs it. There is no sense in worrying about " not enough customers" to go around. ( Unless you're opening your business on planet Mars)

  4. Not knowing all the steps. We are living in an age where all the information you'll ever need is literally found in the palm of your hands...Knowledge is power. I have a blueprint you can download for free here or sign up for a mini-workshop where I walk you through the process as well as give you access to bonuses.

5. I'm not good enough: STOP it! You were not created to be exactly the same as others. The only thing that comparing does is make sure you are programming your mind NOT to focus on your business but rather focus on what others are doing and then allowing that to define who you are. No two centers are the same. They don't have to be. That's what's amazing thing about working for yourself. You decide on your policies, educational program and team culture.

There you have it, five mental roadblocks preventing you from starting your childcare business. Let me know in the comments which roadblock you're holding on to and why....

Be well


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