5 signs you're a babysitter and not a childcare business CEO

Anyone else cringes when the term " babysitter" gets passed around when referring to a childcare center? Our industry is unfortunately undervalued and educators sometimes are seen as sitters rather than early childhood educators. Do you ever think that there might be something you may be doing ( or not doing) that's attracting your clients to consider you or your business a babysitting service?

I'll be sharing 5 signs you may be a babysitter instead of a childcare business CEO and how you can correct the situation by implementing a few strategies.

Sign #1: You are referred to as the babysitter instead of the educator.

Sign #2: Your clients pay you...whenever

Sign #3: Your policies are not being followed

Sign #4: Staff and customers overstep

Sign #5 Parents seem uninterested in the program or what their child experiences in your program

How do you get customers to see you as a professional VS a sitter?

Start by implementing or tweaking the following:

  1. Mindset: Having posture and showing others how you want to be treated

  2. Audit your policies: Clear policies on payment, rules of operation…

  3. Program: Revise the educational program, ask yourself: " Is this stimulating and fun?

  4. Team handbook needs to be reassessed: set boundaries, delegate, outsource

  5. Share MORE about the why behind your activities, events

  6. Leverage your newsletters, posts, engagement on social media to add value to your customers

I'd love to know in the comments, do you sometimes feel like a sitter?

be well


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