How To Handle Complaints Like A Childcare Business Boss!

Updated: Feb 14

I'll always remember my first. It was my first year in my childcare business. This business of mine was like my baby. I worked 50 plus hours pouring my heart and soul into it. Then one day, something happened. A complaint from a mother that was unhappy about the menu...

She made her dissatisfaction heard in the hallway, at the end of the day when all the parents were picking up their kids...

I was so embarrassed and upset. I knew that I was in the business of offering a service and that

sometimes clients would be unhappy.

I felt unprofessional too because as the childcare business owner, I hadn't done my job properly to make sure my clients were aware of the acceptable way to handle complaints.

LESSON LEARNED. I needed to make sure that this never happened again in my center. I'll share with you a simple step by step process that helped me create a complaint procedure so that I never had to deal with angry parents in the hallway.

Take a listen below and let me know if it helped!


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