Creating balance as you operate your childcare business

Do you ever feel overwhelmed with running a childcare business and trying to be the best mom or wife you can be? Do you ever beat yourself up overcoming up short? I was there until I decided to change these three habits and create more room for balance in my professional and personal life.

Habit #1

Learn how to run your day

One of the culprits when dealing with feelings of un-balance is investing one's time in “ pointless “ tasks. Social media, scrolling, texting, or just watching tv for hours have a negative effect on your schedule. What you want to do is get in the habit of being intentional with your time. The key to feeling balanced is knowing the tasks you’ll need to focus on in order to get closer to your goals.

Getting up earlier, having some time before the kids wake up or before you need to head out for work can definitely help you feel more grounded. You feel so much more in control of your schedule because you are intentionally getting ready for your day. Now, this doesn’t mean getting up earlier to scroll… it does mean getting up earlier to plan out your day, journal, invest in some personal development, maybe a quick workout, or getting lunches ready without the hassle of the morning rush.

Running a business and taking care of your family are the priority so make sure you’re spending your time aligning your tasks with that VS reacting to the day and losing yourself in tasks that aren’t helping you be a better mom, wife, or businesswoman.

Habit # 2

Don’t put everything on your plate

One of the hardest lessons you’ll need to learn is just because you know how to do everything doesn’t mean you have to! You apply this to your business as well as home life. Get real clear on the tasks you HAVE to do and delegate or outsource the rest. For example: in my childcare business just because I knew how to do the bookkeeping didn’t mean that I needed to be the one in charge of it. In fact, accounting was one of those tasks that took me away from what I loved doing in my business as well as my family since I needed to pull extra hours on the weekends to get my financials in order. I quickly realized that I needed to outsource this task and once I found a bookkeeper that took this off my place I felt so much better knowing that my financials were taken care of and that I had more free time.

In my personal life, cooking and grocery shopping were a time guzzler. I would go to the grocery store twice a week and find myself walking through the aisles looking at products, wasting precious time.

Once I began planning out daily meals one week in advance, I started ordering my groceries online which saved me trips to the grocery store as well as spending money on foods we never ate.

We started meal prepping on Sundays as a family. I also took up my mother-in-law’s offer to cook us a few meals every week. My best advice: write out what’s important for you, what your non-negotiables are in terms of tasks and experiences, and delegate or outsource the rest.


Automate everything you can…

If you’re struggling to balance it all try automating as much as you can! We are living in such an exciting time! With a click of a button, you can enroll children in your program, order material, grow your email list, and pay your bills!

Once I began automating tasks at work, my day cleared up! I started with the basic automation: marketing, waitlists, day-to-day operations, and then once I found a flow that worked well, I began creating systems and processes that others could follow. I managed to cut my hours on the floor by 50% just by creating systems with my policies, day-to-day operations, tours, and on-boarding processes. That meant I could spend more time at home with my family. I teach you how to develop policies and processes inside Childcare Business Online Academy.

Here’s a link with software that may be useful.

There you have it! Three new habits that can help you create more balance in work and life!

Let me know in the comments, what tasks do you find to take up most of your time!

Be well


I help new and struggling childcare business owners with all things, policies, marketing, and mindset.

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