How to increase your childcare business’s sales, even when fully booked!

Updated: Apr 28

How do I scale my sales when my program is jam-packed? Isn’t that the million-dollar question? Operating an already booked program is awesome but getting extra income to come in monthly couldn't hurt right? What if I told you that there are strategies you can implement in your childcare business that can add more value to your customer’s experience but that will also add more income to your bottom line.

I’ll be sharing a few strategies that helped me grow my sales, even when fully booked, and hopefully, they can help you too.

Strategy # 1: Add an extra AM or PM snack

There’s always something extra you can offer your clients. Maybe starting a breakfast club for the early arrivals or a late snack pm gang? Parents appreciate the extra meal, especially if they don’t have time to eat breakfast properly in the morning. Your standard fee might cover two snacks and a warm meal but adding an extra “ breakfast” club can appeal to the families that drop off their kids upon your opening hours. The way you sell this to your customer is also important. I would send out an email or newsletter to all my clients sharing about the new “ breakfast” club, giving them two choices between two breakfast options and asking them to RSVP a month in advance. This way it gives you time to budget your expenses and organize your schedule.

Strategy # 2: Add date night, shopping time, drop-off times

Offer pre-determined monthly “ date-night” care where parents pay a fixed fee for 3 hours to have a date night for example 6:00-9:00 pm. This can be fun! You can have a pizza-movie-themed party. Your educators would appreciate the extra income.

One year, we opened up on a Saturday morning for a holiday brunch and told our clients that they could drop off their kids between 9-12 a.m. to go holiday shopping. They paid us a fixed amount.

Strategy # 3: Rent out your space

When your program is already filled up, why not rent out your space on the weekends? There are plenty of professionals that are looking for affordable space for their business. Some ideas:'' speech therapists, mommy and me yoga teachers, dance teachers, art teachers… This is a great way to boost the visibility of your business but also increase cash flow.

I have rented out my classrooms to mommy and me workshop organizers and “walk for cancer” meetup groups. A quick note: before you do this, make sure you’re covered insurance wise as well as the lease permits you to sub-lease.

Strategy # 4: Start a side gig

Chances are that if you’re reading this blog, you are an entrepreneur. Why not start another side -business without adding to your workload? Use your space Saturday or Sunday morning to offer workshops to kids in your community.

Hire a teacher, or offer the position to an existing employee, that offers workshops: music, creative movement, yoga, Zumba...and advertise your weekend workshops in your community.

You can set up 6-week sessions for a fixed price. Since you have a website, you can easily add a page with your weekend workshops and have people sign up from there.

If the teacher you hired is an employee you trust, then they can open the center meaning you won’t have to physically leave your home.

Starting a side-gig is an excellent way to serve more families that aren’t necessarily the ages you normally serve in your childcare business. Who knows, this can grow into something huge!

Strategy # 5: Become an affiliate

Why not leverage your social media or blog to refer products to your customers? You can sign up as an affiliate on websites like, Amazon, and create content ( social media posts or blog posts) around the product you’re referring to your customers.

The products you’re referring to your readers need to relate to a problem your customer may be facing.

Some examples:

  • Refer ideal books for early readers, kids with speech delays…

  • Refer educational toys that help with cognitive skills or promote family time

  • Refer family-friendly hotels

  • Refer services like catering services, online courses your ideal customer would get value out of.

The possibilities are endless but you need to have an open mind and again, lead with value, and not spammy sales emails or posts.

I hope that you decide to implement one of these strategies to boost your cash flow!

Let me know in the comments which one of these strategies you're going to implement!

Be well


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