How to leverage social media for your childcare business.

The million dollar question these days with the all the madness we see on social media is " how can I leverage social media for my childcare business without feeling overwhelmed?"

I'm going to show you how you can use social media in your favor without spending hours on end online counting likes, getting lost in the scroll or watching puppy videos.

Before we dive in, make sure you have a Facebook business page set up.

Linked communities

Create smaller communities linked to your Facebook page where you potential customers can join and engage with your business. This is an excellent and FREE resource that can help you grow awareness to your brand and increase the trust factor with your customers.

Get comfortable with Facebook ads.

It's no secret that Facebook ads can help you increase awareness so much faster then depending on organic reach. The best thing without a shadow of a doubt is that you can target your ideal customers, I'm talking marital status, work, interest...

Offer value

Use your business page to offer value to your followers. You can get real creative and share valuable information about topics that your followers are genuinely interested in: local events, toddler approved recipes, arts and crafts to try as a family, checklists, reviews... I can go on an on. The best part is that you don;t need to be the one writing blog posts is you're not a writer. This is a task you can definitely outsource to an employee or a virtual assistant.

Leverage Lives

Social media allows you to show your followers and potential customers the real you by going LIVE. ( GULP) I know, you're probably terrified about doing a live video but in all honesty, it's not as scary as you may think. You can give followers a behind the scenes look at your center, talk to them about your vision for the childcare business, explain your educational philosophy or tell them why you opened your business in the first place.

Increase your email list

The most important thing you can do as a business owner is grow your email list. Leveraging your social media posts by asking your readers to click on the links directing them to your website is a great way to do that! Remember: you don't own any followers or fan on social media but you do own your email list.

Social media is a great tool that can help you grow visibility if used with intention. If you require extra help on Facebook ads and running your day-to-day operations join me inside Elevated Childcare CEO, the #1 business, mindset and marketing membership community for new and struggling childcare business owners.

Be well

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