Important handbooks and your childcare business

It's no secret that starting a childcare business comes with lots of paperwork. In this video, I want to share with you the 3 most important childcare business handbooks you must develop in order to operate and grow your childcare business.

Policy Handbook

This is the foundation of your business. Your policy handbook will allow you to operate a smooth business. Inside your policy handbook, your rules and regulations are going to allow your customers to know what is expected of them.

Educational Program

Developing an educational program is your next step. How is your program different from others? What are your beliefs and values when it comes to early childhood education? This document must be more than just your " lesson plan". It should allow your customers and staff to understand fully what your center's educational mission is.

Team Handbook

Whether you are employing one assistant in your childcare business or a team of twenty, a team handbook is necessary to be able to guide your staff. This handbook is filled with policies and procedures that will allow your staff to understand their roles and responsibilities as well as guide them by giving them clear procedures as to what to do if for instance there is an emergency, an accident in the classroom, they need to call in sick and so on.

In your childcare business career, you will need to create many templates and documents but the three mentioned in this blog post are a great place to start!

Let me know in the comments, how often you update your handbooks and what your procedures look like when you do!

Be well


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