The 5 skills you need to operate a successful childcare business

Updated: Jun 5

The million-dollar question is: How do I make sure my childcare business is successful? Is it my location? Curriculum? My team? Expensive toys? What if I told you that all you need to be successful is the ability to work on a few skills?

Don’t believe me? Listen up, friend! I fell into the same trap thinking that the more stuff I had, the more systems I created, and the more I paid my staff that my success was inevitable but it wasn’t. I was struggling. I thought that starting a childcare business was my calling but I was lacking the ability to learn new skills. It wasn’t until I got really focused on the 5 skills I’ll share with you today that my business took off and I was a much happier more aligned entrepreneur.

The skills I'm about to share may surprise you might surprise so hold onto your horses.

Mindset for success

The first skill you must develop is a mindset for success. This skill needs to be worked on every single day because it’s all about cultivating a mindset for success because when things get hard you’ll be able to take on whatever comes your way and handle it like a boss!

Problem Solver

As a business owner, you will find yourself dealing with a lot of issues that will arise with your day-to-day operations, and being able to adapt and pivot is crucial. Keeping calm, staying open to new ideas, and focusing on being a great leader will allow you to quickly find solutions to problems.


As an entrepreneur we sometimes want things to happen quickly and they usually don’t so have patience is key especially at the startup phase or in seasons of struggle.


Whether you’re leading a team of 1 or 20 working on your leadership skills is so important. I don’t believe that people are born leaders. The biggest introvert can lead a team if they commit to working on their leadership skills by reading books, following workshops, and committing to showing up at their best every single day serving and building people up


If you’re reading this now it’s because it’s your calling to work with young children so chances are you don’t see yourself as a salesperson. I'll be the first to tell you that sales always made me feel icky until my enrolments were struggling and I had to work on my marketing skills. It didn’t take away from my love of working with young children but realistically if sales weren’t coming in how could I keep my doors open…. So I decided to invest in learning tech, online marketing, and creating systems that put my childcare business on the map.

Trust that all skills can be learned. All you need friend is to be what the world needs more of, a childcare business owner that leads from the heart.

What skills do you think are non-negotiables when it comes to your business?

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Be well!


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