Privacy Policy

We are totally committed to ensuring you have the best customer relationship and service. Protecting your privacy is included in this service. is bound by law and principles which govern the way we handle and manage your personal information. Defined below is the necessary information that we are required to adequately service our users. This Privacy Policy is subject to frequent amendments. This information does not limit our rights within the Privacy Act in whichever way.



The personal details and information we collect from each customer may include email. The purpose of collecting such personal details includes;

  • to enhance our service delivery to you regarding your request, and

  • to improve our products and services.

The Privacy Act permits you to retain anonymity while entering your information by using pseudonym identity.



Your details can be used to provide personalized and customized service to you.

Your details are also useful for us to market and promote services and products to you. If you do not want such marketing and promotion of service and products and other special offers, kindly send an email to We will unsubscribe you from such marketing and promotions.



To properly deliver the services you requested for or for other purposes defined above, it may be necessary for us to reveal your details to organizations outside this website. Your detailed information will be given to these organizations assisting us in providing quality services to our customers.

These organizations are allowed to carry out:

  • information technology related services;

  • market research;

  • telemarketing, marketing, and sales services;

  • website usage information and analysis.

We apply reasonable steps to guarantee that these organizations are subsequently controlled and managed by privacy and confidentiality obligations in connection with the protection of customer’s details.

Subsequently, we may also reveal your details and information to:

  • authorized or legal representatives standing for the customer (when the customer deem such necessary);

  • agencies related to fraud-checking and credit-reporting;

  • our professional advisers;

  • regulatory and government bodies and other collaborating organizations authorized or mandated by law.


COOKIES may make use of cookies on our website. Major Websites make use of cookies which is the general standard practice of the browsing technology. A cookie is a small text file that our website may place on your computer. Cookies are a medium for remembering the user’s previous preferences. In this regard, cookies improve the user’s browsing experience. In some instances, cookies may collect and store personal details about the website user. We extend the same privacy protection practice to your details and information no matter where and how they were gathered (either from cookies or other sources). The default settings of most browsers are to accept cookies. However, the browser settings could be adjusted to disable cookies or notify the user when cookies are in use. If you thereby disable cookies, your browsing will be restricted. You will not be able to access some areas of our website or make use of the upgraded website experience offered by cookies. may also collect Internet Protocol addresses (IP addresses). This address is given to computers browsing the internet as a unique identity within the global network system. manages IP addresses as part of the necessary details for providing internet security and browsing session management. may also collect and use computer connection and website log details for safety purposes and to help detect and prevent any illegal activities or abuse directed towards our website.



If you have any inquiries concerning this Privacy Policy, or you would prefer to ‘opt out’ of, or you would like us to delete your information completely from our server, kindly email us at or by telephone: 514-318-7778