Feeling stuck with your childcare business policies, processes, and educational program?

Do you need help getting your childcare program on the map?

Are you tired of your phone NOT ringing?

Do the empty childcare spots in your childcare business keep you up at night?

Do you wish you knew how to leverage social media and Facebook ads to boost visibility?

You're in the right place if...

  • You're ready to automate your marketing strategy.

  • You are ready to fill up your spots consistently.

  • You want clear and detailed systems and policies to operate your business.

  • You are tired of seeming desperate to fill up your childcare program.

Hey! I’m Christina Rizakos.


I'm an educator, certified business coach, and ex childcare business owner with over 24 years of experience in the field. 

I know what it's like to have the calling on your life to run a childcare program. 

I opened my business when I was 24. It was the BEST day of my life! I felt accomplished! I felt so proud of myself! 

And then...

Reality set in when rent was due,  invoices started piling up and monthly expenses never seemed to go away!

I felt stretched thin! Financially and emotionally.

I tried to save money by doing everything on my own. I ended up working 50 + hours every week!

I was tired of walking by the 34 cubby locker area and see more than 50% of the places empty!

I was tired of pretending to my family and friends that my daycare was filled with kids when in reality I knew that my phone never rang.

I struggled to attract the right customers, run the day-to-day operations and market my center. I thought of quitting many times!

" How come their daycare is fully booked? " I always thought looking at other centers in my neighborhood that seemed successful.

I knew I needed systems, processes, and automation to grow my childcare center.

It took me years to figure out how to operate and grow my childcare center.

Once I did, life was different!


freed up my time, attracted the right customers, and hired my dream team. 

I figured out how to leverage social media, Facebook ads and market my center so that I had a system that grew my email list, waitlist and placed my business in front of my ideal customer. 

I know you can do the same!

Childcare Business Marketing Made Easy 




This program is a comprehensive powerful tool kit to empower you as a childcare business CEO. It's divided into a 3 step process each focusing on a different part of your income-generating engine.

I want you to grow and operate a fully booked and profitable childcare program!


Woman on Computer

Initial 60-minute session

We'll get to know each other and explore your business's unique situation. 

You'll fill out a well-detailed questionnaire that will give me an in-depth look at your childcare business's struggles and goals.

Be prepared to feel excited as you learn new skills that will grow your business.

Lazy Sunday

Weekly Action Plan

After the initial call, I'll go to work and develop a detailed personalized action plan that you'll receive directly in your inbox.


The action plan will include worksheets and videos with all the steps you'll need to take to move forward.

Breaking up your plan into bite-size pieces will help you feel confident and reduce your stress level.

Business Breakfast

Weekly Support Calls

As a VIP client, you'll be able to hop on a Zoom call bi-monthly and get all your questions answered. 

We also have weekly LIVE Q and A's inside our online community that aim at supporting and getting you passed any hiccups in between our Zoom calls.

We'll start at the base: your foundational systems

We will work together and do an audit of the systems you have in place including a review of your policies, automation and processes you've created for your business. Together, we will pin point the gaps and correct accordingly. 

Then, we'll look at your platforms: Business pages, websites and online platforms

Together, we'll make sure you are leveraging your social media platforms to consistently boost traffic to your childcare business 


We will automate systems leveraging Facebook ads to consistently grow your email list, waitlist and get a steady flow of cold leads exposed to your brand.


What other clients are saying...

‘‘I have been able to accomplish so much with your help and courses than ever before! The way you explain things is so easy to understand and then execute on our end! Thank so you much for all your enthusiasm!’’

Paulina C.
Owner of building blocks Academy

I started my own in-home daycare last summer after reading one of your strategies in how to get families. Now I am ready to move to a larger place and open another class. Thank you.

Monica Otoya
Home daycare provider

Childcare Business Marketing Made Easy Is Right For You If...

  • You're ready to NEVER AGAIN lose sleep over lack of enrollments.

  • You're ready to implement a strategy that will consistently grow your waitlist and customer base.

  • You are brand new to marketing, tech skills, and developing systems for your childcare business

  • You're looking for accountability and support as you develop and implement systems in your business


Apply to work together

I'd love to help you get to your goals! But first, let's see if we'd be a good fit!